The Retail CEO Roundtable Member Comments

“Derrick, our Roundtable offers a tremendous advantage for small to medium sized companies. It’s a chance to have a formal group of non-competitive colleagues willing to share detailed information and ideas.  My competitors are often part of multi-title catalog companies with built-in networks for sharing best practices.  Our Roundtable duplicates these dynamics.  I highly recommend independent executives find a group like this to join.”

~ Chris Bradley, CEO Cuddledown

“ My participation in the Roundtable has been very rewarding.  It gives me a chance out of the office to think over and discuss the big ideas that can boost our trajectory.  It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas with bright and talented CEO’s from non-competitive industries. The visits to member sites allow me to “look under the hood” of other businesses, which is a great way to learn.”

~ Galen Lehman, CEO Lehman’s General Store

“I highly value what I take away from each Consortium meeting: Ideas new to me, cost-saving vendor possibilities, frank exchange of experiences and the opportunity to ask for enlightenment on issues I face.  This is a unique group of seasoned and passionate cataloguers eager to learn and to share.  Derrick’s facilitation is deft; he provides structure that can be flexible, and his contributions are informed by his years in the catalog industry and his belief in the creativity of business”

~ Sharon Dunn, CEO, Duncraft

“In my 25 years of business, joining the catalog consortium group has led to the most pleasurable and rewarding meetings I have ever attended.  It is difficult for owners, presidents and senior executives to find a forum outside their own companies to share, learn, and grow.  The honesty, and sharing of ideas and experiences with in our group is refreshing and I have always left every meeting with new ideas and strategies to implement in my own company.  Our industry is always evolving.  The sharing of new strategies, new programs, new vendors, etc. helps to make all our businesses stronger in what continues to be a difficult business environment.  The group has also created a great network of business associates available for advice anytime by phone or email.  I would recommend our group to other direct marketing companies wanting to share and learn.”

~ Bob Morrison, CEO, The Comfort Corner

“I have been a participant in the Consortium since Spring, 2004.  Each time, I go reluctantly, thinking it is taking me away from my business and I don’t have “time” for this luxury.  At the end of each session I can’t believe how much I have learned, how valuable all the networking is, and how delightful it is to discuss the catalog business with a group of people who really understand.  My business has thrived and I now look forward to each session”.

~ Jane Glazer, CEO, Hometrends

“I think the Consortium provides a wonderful venue for fellow cataloguers to gather to share and learn from our collective experiences.  As they say, “it gets lonely at the top” and executives need this kind of forum to learn from each other.  I personally walked away from our last meeting with many notes of “Can-Do’s” that are being implemented right now that will go right to the bottom line.  I encourage other cataloguers of similar size to consider joining the group”.

~ Dan Walter, CEO, Eagle America

“I have found our Catalog Consortium to be a breath of fresh air.  To sit around a table with other cataloguers who walk in my shoes on a day-to-day basis and talk about the issues of the day is worth the time and expense of the meeting times 10.  We are open and honest with one another on a wide range of topics, which sets this Consortium apart from any other type of DM Conference that you can attend.  We have SAVED money and we have MADE money because of this group and we know there is even more to gain in the future”.

~ Tim Walter, Eagle America

“The Catalog Consortium that was formed by Derrick Egbert has proven to be very valuable to Lighthouse Depot.  The roundtable discussions that take place at each meeting provide a wealth of useful ideas that help to improve operational efficiencies. The real bottom line value of the Consortium has been utilizing group purchasing power to achieve bankable savings in areas such as packaging supplies, phone costs, merge/purge services, call center activity, etc.”

~ Don Devine, CEO, Lighthouse Depot

“Our Roundtable, led by Derrick Egbert, has been one of the best things I could have done for my company or me, its CEO. I’m surrounded by CEO’s running non-competitive companies with similar business models.  We challenge each other. We learn from each other.  We make one another stronger.  Derrick creates the environment and the structure which enables the magic to flourish.”

~ Terry Alpert, CEO, Stony Creek Brands