Why Us

New Perspectives Coaching and Consulting brings more than 30 years of client service work to its clients.  We are knowledgeable about how business works having worked with businesses in very different industries.  Most of our work has been at the C-Suite level, many of our assignments with family owned businesses.

Our clients often seek us out when they face a new transition—whether they be individuals seeking out a coaching relationship, or organizations who desire an outside perspective to lead a strategic or sales retreat, or a sounding board as they work through their challenges and opportunities. We may help organizations to re-think their structures, processes, and management roles, or teams that are not functioning to their capacity.In all cases we have found that success often requires some degree of letting go “of the old” and “inviting the new”.  We forge the processes that allow this to happen in a way that is both inclusive and comfortable, yet creates the space for superior decisions and results.

Our Approach

We have found the facilitation process to be most effective when our clients are proactive, open to conflicting perspectives and committed to the truth in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.  We actively encourage these attitudes and environment in the groups we lead and the individuals with whom we work.

Balanced Leading and Empowerment

We have found that the best results occur when clients have a sense of ownership and open-mindedness. They are active and equal members of an exploratory journey rather than passive recipients of information with a predetermined destination. The balance we hope to achieve in any client engagement is one of creative thinking within the parameters of stated goals and objectives.

Our approach is not dissimilar to the manner in which Quaker “clearing committee” meetings are held: we strive to “access curiosity and our own ignorance” to explore whatever issue the individual or the group has allowing them to discover their own answers and solutions. This is both empowering and leads to ownership of decisions and commitments. The process becomes increasingly alive and our clients become increasingly proactive. This reinforces an attitude of curiosity and possibility that can lead to transformative results, either for the individual coachee or the group.

Embracing Conflict

Our approach is to crystallize, even to arouse, conflict for greater learning—whether with individual clients or with groups. We then manage the conflict establishing “behavioral norms” that insure a collaborative effort.  We strive to use a consensus building process for clients so that regardless of whether an individual agrees or not with the final decision, they will support it and help implement it.

Humor and Candor

The use of skilled humor allows people to feel safe and at ease in talking to others.  It may be used to tear down assumed boundaries, or to define them.  When humor and candor are used appropriately, our clients are more willing to take the risks that will show them a broader set of options to choose from as they make decisions on the issues they have come to us to help.

No matter how dynamic a gathering is, what gets measured in the end is the action that gets taken. Behavior does speak louder than words for meeting goals and objectives. We insure that our clients have actionable items and a clear knowledge of their responsibilities whether to themselves or others.

Results Our Clients Seek:

  • Enhanced Strategic Thinking
  • Improved Communication
  • Leadership Development & Increased Capacity to Leverage Differences
  • Strategies for Change Management
  • Increased Personal and Team Accountability
  • Increased Creativity and Innovation
  • Enhanced Customer Focus
  • Enhanced Business Processes
  • Action Plans for Short and Long Term Results
  • New Perspectives