About Us


We “connect” people to the best in themselves, to others in their personal life, and to others inside and between organizations. We explore with our clients what new practices and actions they need to take to achieve the results they are looking for—we explore their situations through the use of deep listening and questioning.  As coaches we do not provide answers, but rather we create the context for the client to realize their own answers.  As consultants we advise when asked.  Otherwise, our process consulting focuses on learning more about the presented issue. When we dive deeply into the issues we often find that our clients can best answer their questions themselves.

Through managed conversations that “CONNECT”

  • Personal Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • CEO Roundtables
  • Executive Retreats
  • Strategic Communication Strategies
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development Programs & Workshops
  • Through Our Partnerships With World Class Consultants
Our Values
  • Trust–being true to one’s self and others
  • Integrity–being whole individually and collectively
  • Learning–never stop
  • Collaboration–no one has all the answers
  • Community–we are social animals who prosper when we belong
  • Creativity–nourishing the conditions for new perspectives to arise
  • Commitment–providing our best to each of our clients–100% guaranteed!
  • Clarity–nothing makes sense without it
  • Courage–to try the uncommon
Derrick Egbert, Principal

Derrick has worked in management, sales, training, and education for over 30 years. He has fostered relationships with a variety of thought leaders whose knowledge helps inform and enhance all of his assignments.

Derrick’s Background:

  • President, New Perspectives Consulting Group
  • President, Egbert & Associates Marketing Consulting
  • Founder, The Catalog Consortium & CEO Roundtables
  • VP Sales, Marketplace Technologies
  • VP Sales & Marketing, Webb & Co. Catalog Ad Agency
  • Adjunct Faculty, Bentley College and Antioch University
  • Executive Coaching Institute Graduate
  • Graduate Newfield Network Coach Training Program
  • Certified by the (ICF)
  • Adizes Management Institute Training
  • Harvard, BA Gov’t; Antioch MEd, Babson MBA