“Several qualities Derrick has–deep questioning, the brainstorming, the twist of perspective, the consistency of purpose and my company’s best interest, honest appraisals, and your sense of the importance of action.

However, it was as a strategic planner that Derrick made the most valuable contribution to our organization.  As an unbiased third-party, he is proficient in developing relationships with management, and helping them focus on their issues and opportunities.  Derrick is a skilled facilitator, managing many short and long term planning sessions within our organization.”

~ Robert Morrision, CEO, The Comfort Corner

“He is a practical, hard-nosed thinker who asks tough questions.  He analyzed our advertising programs and got us to re-allocate expenditures so as to maximize our return on investment; he profitably changed our pricing policy from a subscription to a fee based model.  Our entire management team made better decisions because Derrick forced us to examine our assumptions and logic.  He is a very creative thinker and excellent at building partnerships—he recruited more than 300 independent investment banking firms to participate in our banking network—A real asset to an independent, privately owned business.”

~ Robert Braun, CEO, Marketplace Technologies

“An accomplished middle-market business executive who works with executive teams to develop and hone their business strategies and execution plans.  He is a highly skilled facilitator and executive coach, expert at leading executive group discussions and helping executives identify new angles and approaches to address the urgent issues that face them.

Mr. Egbert facilitated a management retreat for our independent media company of just under 100 employees. It set into motion an updated mission statement and corresponding set of values that has helped our company regenerate from within by redefining critical priorities and… The results have been key advancements into new fields —many of which were unexpected—as well as thoroughly committed employees who are focused on our core business with a mission that is rock solid.

Mr. Egbert had a plate full of dynamics in front of him as the final roster of a dozen key people included a company shareholder, two outside directors and nine senior management personnel…If the acid test of a successful consulting firm is whether results produce new understandings and new directions up and down the responsibility chart, then I am pleased to attest to both of Mr. Egbert.”

~ Peter Gamage, CEO, The Daily Item

“Having worked with Derrick in multiple situations, I’ve always been impressed with his ability to “connect the dots” in any situation. His ability to get people on the same page and facilitate discussions is a core competency that is unparalleled. His ability to quickly get to the core of the problem and then build a plan to achieve success is an asset that many brands could use in these uncertain times. Derrick understands the core tenants of direct but helps people think outside the box. He’s a true gem in our industry!”

~ Lois Brayfield

“Derrick is a terrific life coach.  I highly recommend him, as he’s been extremely valuable help to both my business and personal life. I’ve worked with Derrick for almost one year, and he’s constantly pushed me to break out of my comfort zone.  I’ve struggled with some life events which have knocked me down, and Derrick has been a tremendous influence in subtly changing my outlook for the better. His perspective on things has been a stabilizing influence for me.”

                                                               ~ B.F. Business Owner

“Derrick is extraordinarily intelligent in his approach to creating a connection Between himself and hi”s clients. He is able to ask clear and direct questions in a disarming way which allowed me as the client to see what might be holding me back or staying “stuck” in a negative pattern of beliefs and behaviors.

He is highly intuitive (in understanding human needs and desires) and generous in offering practical observations that helped me adjust and reach many of my goals.”
“One of Derrick’s great gifts as a coach is his ability to guide the client to discover their own potential for change, to become centered in a true sense of self and know they have something to offer the world.”


“I have worked with Derrick Egbert as my executive coach for 9 months now. He has been very supportive of my process and attempts to create a successful small business. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to set goals, and create a future-oriented business in sync with the technological times we live in.”

                                                                                                       ~ B.B.