Example: Customer Interview

Interview question depend upon the purpose of the research.  Because we are talking directly (in person or phone) many of the questions will be open-ended.

In order to let us explore with the interviewee the depth of his/her responses. This richness often leads to insights that closed ended questions can’t provide.  We pride ourselves in establishing rapport very quickly with our “subjects” helping them feel comfortable and trusting, and  in our active listening that often leads to unexpected questions and  insights.

Call Introduction: “Client Name” has retained my company, New Perspectives, to speak with you about their current services and to learn more about how they can better serve you.  They strive to have a client focused perspective in how they run their business

I understand that “Client” has told you I would be calling.  I will keep your answers completely anonymous unless you would like or give me permission to attach your name to them when I report the survey results back to “Client”.

Is this a good time to talk, or should/can I call you back another time.  If so, when would be a convenient time to call back?

  1. How long have you been a client?
  2. If someone were to ask you about “client” what would you say?
  3. What do you hear on the street about “client”?
  4. What makes you feel good about working with “client”?
  5. Why did you decide to hire “client”? What were you looking for in “client”?
  6. What services does “client” provide to you today?
  7. If you have ever been disappointed with “client” what was the cause, was it resolved, and if so, how?